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Pernambuco state


about_pernambuco_01Pernambuco comprises a comparatively narrow coastal zone, a high inland plateau, and an intermediate zone formed by the terraces and slopes between the two.

Ranges of these chapadas form the boundary lines with three states–the Serra dos Irmãos and Serra Vermelha with Piauí, the Serra do Araripe with Ceará, and the Serra dos Cariris Velhos with Paraíba. Pernambuco is the home of some of Brazil’s most gorgeous beaches, of which there are 187 kilometres. This state, nestled in the northeast of the country, measures 98 311.6 square kilometres or 37 958.3 square miles. It is home to about 8.8 million inhabitants.


about_pernambuco_03The area of Pernambuco was originally the home of native tribes, who would hunt and farm for their survival. Olinda knows that “Our biggest asset is culture”. Few cities in Brazil open so much space to the musicians, dancers, handicrafters and other culture representatives as Olinda. Walking around Historic Olinda and watching the olindenses is like taking a lesson about Brazilian History and Culture. The Giant Puppets are an attraction by themselves. Made in papier-maché, dozens of these huge figures ( up to 5 meters or 15 feet) parade along the streets every year. The most famous puppet is the Homem da Meia-Noite (Man of Midnight) who, since 1932, at midnight of the Saturday, officially starts the carnival in Olinda; siding the Man, a multitude of rythms, including frevo, afoxés, caboclinhos and maracatus.


about_pernambuco_02The climate of Pernambuco is known for being hot and dry, with high temperatures all through the year. Being located on the coastline, the weather in Recife is greatly influenced by its situation and by day, temperatures never fall far from 29°C / 84°F or 30°C / 86°F.

Any time of the year really is a good time to arrive in Recife, although the seasonal differences should be noted. Summer (December to February) is understandably when temperatures are at their hottest. Between April and June, spells of heavy rain can make the climate feel cooler and certainly ensure that the surrounding rainforest remains constantly green. It should, however, be noted that heavy rain is often short-lived, arriving towards the end of the day.

Largest Cities

1   Recife – Population  1 965 .441

2   Jabotao dos Guararapes – Population   654 .727

3   Olinda – Population  401. 537


Guararapes International Airport, the new Recife/Guararapes – Gilberto Freyre International Airport has been open since July 2004 and has 52 thousand square meters of area. The largest airport in the North and Northeast regions, Guararapes had its capacity expanded from 5 million to 11 million passengers a year.

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